This Flu Season Will Be A Doozy Health Canada Warns

November 1, 2017

Category: Health and Wellness

Author: Carolyn Eagle

 Health Canada has just launched its seasonal campaign to remind Canadians to get their flu vaccines, warning that this year could be one of the worst in a while.

Health officials base their predictions on the flu season just ending in the Southern Hemisphere where winter is coming to a close and they are warning that countries like Australia and Hong Kong have had one of their worst flu seasons on record, with increases in hospitalizations and deaths over the year before.

The biggest problem for Canadians this year is that, with 3 major strains of flu expected to hit, the current vaccine is not an exact match for all 3. Doctors warn that this does not mean you should skip your yearly shot, however. Even with the mismatch, you will experience milder symptoms if you should get sick.

Canadian flu vaccination rates sit around 20 to 25% with health care workers coming in at 40%. Doctors argue that if the general population were to reach a 75% percent vaccination rate then there would be significantly less risk of those unable to vaccinate becoming ill. A mass immunization would protect the weakest and most vulnerable in the overall population.

Doctors are predicting this year’s flu to begin in November, with an increase in cases around January that should last about 4 weeks. 

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